Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Bliss!!

I roved and roved in search of bliss,
But i never thought, it would be such a tussle!

I wondered and pondered each day long,
What is this bliss, that is so easy to miss, but never to kiss?
But all I found was only the mist!

I drifted along, to clear the mist,
But again was caught in a mysterious hassle!

Baffled and dejected, I blurted out,
But, I din't want to turn backward,
and, there was no road onward! 

I was caught in the mist, so dark and cold,
My firelike-desire had grown so old!

I thought i would fight, till i die,
But there was no energy left, even for a cry!

Still, I moved, on and on, in the dark mist,
And was finally, about to fall,
When a cupid appeared and held my hand,
Never to leave, forever and forever !

Now, I knew, my search was over,
The bliss was found and I had reached "there", 
And finally, the maundering was over!

-------{This poem is dedicated to all the wonderful people in my life, who have helped me in finding  what I call "The Bliss" of my life. I believe, every person in this world is in need and search of this bliss!!}