Friday, March 19, 2010

The Panache of Possession....!!!

Have you ever realised the panache of possessing something? Everyone of us has many possessions since we are born. Normally people are very possessive about their materialistic dominions. But here i am not talking about materialistic possessions. For me the people collateral is of more importance than any other possession in this world. There is a panache in possessing lots of people in a true sense.I am not referring to my admirers here, but of people who know my true self, the people in my 'close circle'. They might criticize me at times, but these are the people who will always love me in a true sense in any damn circumstances in my life, even if I am in any part of the world. My aunt always says, "Earn people more than you earn money". But I never realised it until this day.
I am possessive about my close people, doesnt mean I dont share them with anyone, everyone has to do that. But then there is also a great joy in sharing your people possession, bcoz by sharing you earn one more person as your "possession" with whom you are sharing. The most recent example in my life I can give is my sister's marriage. I was really very possessive about her and dint want to share her with my Jiju. But I had to. But later on, looking at it in a positive way i could see the elegance of sharing my possession. I also learnt a lesson that 'sharing your possession' not only helps you to enhance and enrich your 'bursary of people possessions' but also helps you to ingest and digest the feeling of sharing. The more you share, the more you possess.
The paraphernalia of materialistic joys has also plays a vital role in our life to some extent.
I am not a sage to get rid of my material possessions, but then it is of secondary importance to me. Because these tangibles can stay only for sometime in your life, but people possession stays throughout your life. Even if you lose a material dominion, you can earn it back through your people collateral. That's where the panache lies and that is why I cherish my 'bursary of people possessions' more than my bursary of my bank account.