Wednesday, August 18, 2010


One day while working on my computer, some weird thoughts started popping up my mind.May be it was the result of the idleness that day as I had finished my work far before the deadline. So my idle mind started wandering and around and started relating the things in my computer lab with human life. I was wondering how the keyboard function 'Ctrl+Z' works which easily returns you back whatever you just deleted.Computer brain and memory is simply wonderful.What if same was the case with our human life? It would be soooo amazing!!We could just Ctrl+Z all the incidents one by one easily and live those moments again and go back into time.
Human brain is superior than a computer, but the greatest drawback is it doesnt have a keyboard. :) (Weirdest thought ever).Only the CPU goes on and on and we cannot stop it until we die.
If our brain had a "keyboard" we could simply shift+delete all the bad memories and incidents and ctrl+Z all the happy and good incidents. Mankind would be more happy then.The most important thing a man wants in life is happiness and satisfaction.It would be so wonderful if he could get it just by pressing two buttons :) But alas, its not that simple.Human life and happiness is much more complex.So, the only way left is to live every moment to the fullest.Life is like a huge treasure of money. We can spend every penny the way we want to.But the only drawback is, once the treasure is over it can never be refilled.So every penney should be spent carefully.
My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by my manager who had come to ask the status of my work and I was again engrossed in using the keyboard..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Inception

July 2nd 2010 was a wonderful day in my life because, I got an opportunity to visit the world famous Nigara Falls. I believe, change is the most constant thing in life.Change always gives me a new inception when i start dawdling in my own pool of thoughts.I got one more by visiting Nigara Falls.It was a thrilling experience to visit the place and I witnessed the ecstasy of visiting heaven on the earth..Simply awesome!! This experience will remain evergreen in my mind screen.The roar of water deafens your ears. Just a glance of the falls and it keeps you in thrall to the miraculous scenes of its waters.
It was the moment which made me realise there is some mysterious natural power beyond man's wisdom which is very difficult to comprehend and control.Thoughts started flashing on my mind one after the other and shaped up a poem which i would like to dedicate to this wonderful creation of God:

I had always heard, "There is heaven on earth",
How authentic it was, I found only after exploring the mirth.
This artistry of nature, beauty interspersed all over,
The gushing water, the roaring fall, the mesmerising mist,
is what I wish to share.

Looking at the blue and white snowy, foamy flow,
The golden sunshine and the ravishing rainbow,
I was so drowned in the whole enchant,
that i felt all my wishes are at grant.

The 'maid of the mist' lets u meet this paradise face to face,
the gusts, the downdrafts and the waters at pace,
The journey of the falls leaves you amazed,
with the beauty, enigma and splendid grace.

The bashing of water, though fierceful and harsh,
but as it descends, the fierceness ends.
Its resplendence is endless,
down as it reaches, it flows with an angel's calmness.

The rushing waters sing a moral, without saying a word
Whatever pinnacles of glory you reach, and laurels you receive,
do not lose your humility and morality.

In future whenever I will hear the word "waterfalls" my mind will replay this whole eye-enriching experience.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Musk Of Memories...

Oh, how cruelly sweet are the echoes that start,
When Memory plays an old tune on the heart!
Then indeed, the lights are rekindled,
but who can be sure that they can never be dwindled?
Friends depart, but remain in the memory caverns,
So pure and so deep, noone knows they take you to which tavern.
A year impairs, a luster obliterates,
But memories in the heart can never evaporate.
All memories dont have a fragrance of musk,
Some are rusk and some are brusk.
My poem is but, a thought, a mere memory caught at play,
From hand onto paper, bleeding thoughts at stay.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thodasa roomani ho jaye!!!

We lead our lives interspersed with incidents, which inspire, influence and finally motivate us to carry on living. Hope of better things define and stimulate our actions. Thus it is extremely difficult for me to imagine our life without hope, without anything to look forward to. However when we look around we can see people (far and near) leading lives without any anticipation or hope. The reality of their situation forces us to understand the importance of hope, which has this uncanny ability to refresh parched and arid human minds.
To har insan ko is, 'thodese' roomani ki 'bahot' jyada jaroorat hoti hai... which in english is called 'A little faith' which keeps us going. It might seem a bit too philosophical, but I dont want you to be bored by giving doses of philosphy, instead I will tell u a real life story of a girl, whose life changed drastically due to a change in her perception towards life.
This story is about how a few people at various stages in her life whom she calls 'Angels of my life' transformed her life completely by teaching her the magic of 'believing' or 'keeping faith'.
Because, we all know 'We believe what we percieve' and which ultimately leads to our success or failure.So, here it goes...

There was a girl who lived with her parents, granny and an elder sister in a city.They were a happy family.

Phase I :Childhood :

At the initial stage of her kindergarten and then later school education,she stayed with her parents.They were a happy family and loved each other a lot.
She led a life of the most successful student, always a topper and never faced any difficulties.But then suddenly after her schooling, her father decided to keep her away from them for providing her a better quality higher education. So, at the age of 15, she had to stay away from her parents.Her elder sister had already left the house two yrs before when she was 15 and now she was going to stay with her elder sister.

Phase II : Adolescence:

Now, in this phase of her life started the real challenge. Throughout her schooling, she had been a topper, so she had the confidence that she would top in her higher studies as well. But when she saw her first semester results at higher education,she was petrified. She was no where amongst the toppers, instead had got very average marks.
This was her first failure ever, due to which she was completly depressed.And now even her mom was not there physically with her to help her.But then
she couldn’t find the reason for it bcoz I had worked really hard even for this exam. Then what was the factor responsible for her failure?? The only reason which made the whole difference was she was away from her mom. Then she realised, it was her mom who always motivated her and taught her to believe that she only would be the topper. Along with hardwork, this motivation and belief her mom sowed in her,made a hell lot of difference.
But unfortunately, she couldn’t bring her mom to the place she lived. But fortunately, she had her elder sister who also stayed with her. She took the place of her mom in this next phase of her life. She motivated her little sis and helped her overcome her emotional dependencies and other limitations.She helped her to convert her failures into success and improved her results to an extent that her little sis could get admission amongst top 10 engineering colleges.From here, her perception towards life began to change and she started understanding her own limitations and strengths.Her perception towards life started changing a bit.But then again, a huge failure was awaiting her...

Phase III :
Teenage+ Adulthood:

Now the start of next phase was even more worst, her family members (except mom and sis) and relatives dint have a confidence that she had the ability to complete engineering successfully. So, they tried admitting her in a course she never liked by advising her mom to do so.If her mom and sis dint support her, she wouldnt have been an engineer today.
But then, fortunately she got an admission call from one of top 10 colleges of the University.Now was the biggest challenge to prove to my relatives that she could do it.But again as luck would have it or whatever reasons, she faced so many failures in her subjects that her relatives got a chance to say 'We knew you can never become an Engineer'. This sentence totally grappled her confidence away.
Lack of confidence and belief was the greatest barrier to her success.
Then again, god sent her an angel, she says, who guided her on the right track. He saved her from falling down in the deep valley of disbelief .He helped her build up her confidence again and helped her grow.This angel was none other than her best friend, her brother, my well-wisher and now her brother-in-law . He tranformed her perception towards life even more in a more positive way.He taught her self-analysis, helped her to realize her strengths and make them more stronger and helped her overcome weaknesses and convert them into strengths.

These three angels of her life: Her Mother, Sister and Brother-in-law have helped her build up so much of inner strength that she can now look at her failures in a completely different way.They have inculcated in her the magic of believing so deep that she now faces her failures with this "thodasa roomani."

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Panache of Possession....!!!

Have you ever realised the panache of possessing something? Everyone of us has many possessions since we are born. Normally people are very possessive about their materialistic dominions. But here i am not talking about materialistic possessions. For me the people collateral is of more importance than any other possession in this world. There is a panache in possessing lots of people in a true sense.I am not referring to my admirers here, but of people who know my true self, the people in my 'close circle'. They might criticize me at times, but these are the people who will always love me in a true sense in any damn circumstances in my life, even if I am in any part of the world. My aunt always says, "Earn people more than you earn money". But I never realised it until this day.
I am possessive about my close people, doesnt mean I dont share them with anyone, everyone has to do that. But then there is also a great joy in sharing your people possession, bcoz by sharing you earn one more person as your "possession" with whom you are sharing. The most recent example in my life I can give is my sister's marriage. I was really very possessive about her and dint want to share her with my Jiju. But I had to. But later on, looking at it in a positive way i could see the elegance of sharing my possession. I also learnt a lesson that 'sharing your possession' not only helps you to enhance and enrich your 'bursary of people possessions' but also helps you to ingest and digest the feeling of sharing. The more you share, the more you possess.
The paraphernalia of materialistic joys has also plays a vital role in our life to some extent.
I am not a sage to get rid of my material possessions, but then it is of secondary importance to me. Because these tangibles can stay only for sometime in your life, but people possession stays throughout your life. Even if you lose a material dominion, you can earn it back through your people collateral. That's where the panache lies and that is why I cherish my 'bursary of people possessions' more than my bursary of my bank account.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Enigma Called Life...

Life is an enigma, a bit difficult, a bit easy and a bit strange...If you try to solve it, it complicates more, but if you leave it and let it take its own course, you get the solutions. It depends totally on you how you take it. I have realised this most recently. To get more out of life, you should learn to live every moment whether good or bad with all your heart. All this is philosophy, but recently I have realised that your happiness is in your own hands.You have the ability to shape up your life. But of course, people you meet also play a very vital role in shaping your life. I have experienced that ;the more positive energy you transfer to people, the twice of that comes back to you. There are all kinds of people around you always, admirers who boost your positive energy, jealous who try to look you down and also people who dont like you at all without any reason..But ignoring them is the only solution..Infact, these jealous and critics only in a way give you energy to fight, to prove yourself.In marathi, there is a saying, 'Nindakache ghar asave shejari' which means critics should be your neighbors, they bring out the true potential in you.
The inner self motivation is the reason which keeps me going...The biggest reason for this self motivation is my mom who has built up my strong mental foundation..I count my blessings for the early-life influences of my family on me...In many ways, we all are surrounded by such people all the time--sometimes they are siblings, sometimes friends, teachers, co-workers..
As we grow and get into the concrete busyness of people, we lose our capacity to recieve from people..The capacity to recieve enhances only when there is willingness to give back..the more we give, the more we are blessed to recieve back..
Coming to Bangalore from Pune was the start of a new phase of my life.Initially I was shuddered at the thought of my displacement from Pune but later on was able to visualise the positive side of it. But still it was probably my first real brush with xenophobia
and alienation. When we get out of our house all alone, is the time when we start valuing our home and people we have there much more.So, at some point of time you should stay away from your family, friends and relatives at least to realise their worth in your life..When you are displaced and away from your comfort zone(family), you interact with people more and make friends easily..Also you have very less expectations from the unfamiliar surroundings, so you are more pleasantly surprised than frustrated when faced with life's many ups and downs...
Dispalcement to Bangalore has also taught me to explore everything around me, explore new culture , customs, food and new ways of doing things. I have learnt to survive on my own inner strength of who I am, just for this day, today.I have learnt how to tackle with problems all alone and how to deal with people in professional life and also trust strangers, who in turn trusted me.
The biggest lesson I have learnt is to move on and not engulf yourself in past pains and sorrows.
If you dont move on, u will miss the chances of the probable future luck..

Much more to write be continued.............