Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Inception

July 2nd 2010 was a wonderful day in my life because, I got an opportunity to visit the world famous Nigara Falls. I believe, change is the most constant thing in life.Change always gives me a new inception when i start dawdling in my own pool of thoughts.I got one more by visiting Nigara Falls.It was a thrilling experience to visit the place and I witnessed the ecstasy of visiting heaven on the earth..Simply awesome!! This experience will remain evergreen in my mind screen.The roar of water deafens your ears. Just a glance of the falls and it keeps you in thrall to the miraculous scenes of its waters.
It was the moment which made me realise there is some mysterious natural power beyond man's wisdom which is very difficult to comprehend and control.Thoughts started flashing on my mind one after the other and shaped up a poem which i would like to dedicate to this wonderful creation of God:

I had always heard, "There is heaven on earth",
How authentic it was, I found only after exploring the mirth.
This artistry of nature, beauty interspersed all over,
The gushing water, the roaring fall, the mesmerising mist,
is what I wish to share.

Looking at the blue and white snowy, foamy flow,
The golden sunshine and the ravishing rainbow,
I was so drowned in the whole enchant,
that i felt all my wishes are at grant.

The 'maid of the mist' lets u meet this paradise face to face,
the gusts, the downdrafts and the waters at pace,
The journey of the falls leaves you amazed,
with the beauty, enigma and splendid grace.

The bashing of water, though fierceful and harsh,
but as it descends, the fierceness ends.
Its resplendence is endless,
down as it reaches, it flows with an angel's calmness.

The rushing waters sing a moral, without saying a word
Whatever pinnacles of glory you reach, and laurels you receive,
do not lose your humility and morality.

In future whenever I will hear the word "waterfalls" my mind will replay this whole eye-enriching experience.