Wednesday, August 18, 2010


One day while working on my computer, some weird thoughts started popping up my mind.May be it was the result of the idleness that day as I had finished my work far before the deadline. So my idle mind started wandering and around and started relating the things in my computer lab with human life. I was wondering how the keyboard function 'Ctrl+Z' works which easily returns you back whatever you just deleted.Computer brain and memory is simply wonderful.What if same was the case with our human life? It would be soooo amazing!!We could just Ctrl+Z all the incidents one by one easily and live those moments again and go back into time.
Human brain is superior than a computer, but the greatest drawback is it doesnt have a keyboard. :) (Weirdest thought ever).Only the CPU goes on and on and we cannot stop it until we die.
If our brain had a "keyboard" we could simply shift+delete all the bad memories and incidents and ctrl+Z all the happy and good incidents. Mankind would be more happy then.The most important thing a man wants in life is happiness and satisfaction.It would be so wonderful if he could get it just by pressing two buttons :) But alas, its not that simple.Human life and happiness is much more complex.So, the only way left is to live every moment to the fullest.Life is like a huge treasure of money. We can spend every penny the way we want to.But the only drawback is, once the treasure is over it can never be refilled.So every penney should be spent carefully.
My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by my manager who had come to ask the status of my work and I was again engrossed in using the keyboard..