Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Enigma Called Life...

Life is an enigma, a bit difficult, a bit easy and a bit strange...If you try to solve it, it complicates more, but if you leave it and let it take its own course, you get the solutions. It depends totally on you how you take it. I have realised this most recently. To get more out of life, you should learn to live every moment whether good or bad with all your heart. All this is philosophy, but recently I have realised that your happiness is in your own hands.You have the ability to shape up your life. But of course, people you meet also play a very vital role in shaping your life. I have experienced that ;the more positive energy you transfer to people, the twice of that comes back to you. There are all kinds of people around you always, admirers who boost your positive energy, jealous who try to look you down and also people who dont like you at all without any reason..But ignoring them is the only solution..Infact, these jealous and critics only in a way give you energy to fight, to prove yourself.In marathi, there is a saying, 'Nindakache ghar asave shejari' which means critics should be your neighbors, they bring out the true potential in you.
The inner self motivation is the reason which keeps me going...The biggest reason for this self motivation is my mom who has built up my strong mental foundation..I count my blessings for the early-life influences of my family on me...In many ways, we all are surrounded by such people all the time--sometimes they are siblings, sometimes friends, teachers, co-workers..
As we grow and get into the concrete busyness of people, we lose our capacity to recieve from people..The capacity to recieve enhances only when there is willingness to give back..the more we give, the more we are blessed to recieve back..
Coming to Bangalore from Pune was the start of a new phase of my life.Initially I was shuddered at the thought of my displacement from Pune but later on was able to visualise the positive side of it. But still it was probably my first real brush with xenophobia
and alienation. When we get out of our house all alone, is the time when we start valuing our home and people we have there much more.So, at some point of time you should stay away from your family, friends and relatives at least to realise their worth in your life..When you are displaced and away from your comfort zone(family), you interact with people more and make friends easily..Also you have very less expectations from the unfamiliar surroundings, so you are more pleasantly surprised than frustrated when faced with life's many ups and downs...
Dispalcement to Bangalore has also taught me to explore everything around me, explore new culture , customs, food and new ways of doing things. I have learnt to survive on my own inner strength of who I am, just for this day, today.I have learnt how to tackle with problems all alone and how to deal with people in professional life and also trust strangers, who in turn trusted me.
The biggest lesson I have learnt is to move on and not engulf yourself in past pains and sorrows.
If you dont move on, u will miss the chances of the probable future luck..

Much more to write be continued.............